Monday, 16 January 2012

LOL of The Day - Goons Vs Gays

Check out this comedic piece by youtube trio DonnieduRight. Following the current "Sh*t 'person x' says" youtube trend, peep the hilarity after the jump:

The video above sparks an interesting narrative based on where you are on your journey when it comes to other guys. You may look at the video and feel offended because the gay representation is everything you and the folks that you deal with are not. You could be a masculine guy only into educated dude or fellas with that rough exterior that has a zero tolerance for everything else and so think its too gay. Equally you could see the definition of 'masculine' as insulting buffonery. You could be a guy with feminine traits that always has people labelling you as questionable when you aren't about getting such unwanted attention and the stereotypes bring those emotions to the surface.

Or maybe, like me, to you the humor in the video is just that. Humor. Sometimes it ain't that deep.

What did you think of the clip?

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