Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rod McCullom Talks With MSM Nigerian Support Worker Michael Ighodaro

Friend to the Blud! blog, journalist Rod McCullom.caught up with Nigerian Michael Ighodaro, a support worker for men living alternative lifestyles who are also living with HIV in Nigeria. Men that are classed as MSM,; men that have sex with men but do not identfy as gay or bisexual. The two sat down whilst in Ethiopia last month for the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa.

Listen to the insighful interview after the jump:

 Rod 2.0 Interview with Nigerian MSM HIV Activist Michael Ighodaro by RodMcCullom

So sad that in 2012, antiquated views can get in the way to providing a service to those in need. Even though you don't advocate a lifestyle, its a scary thought that people in positions of power can be so closed minded to acting for the greater good.

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