Saturday, 14 January 2012

WATCH: Zeric Responds To E-Backlash

Former NYC Red Agency Model Zeric Armenteros, posted a response to the backlash to his current preference not to date black or latino men expressed during an interview with 3LWTV. Did he manage to clear up the situation or dig himself into a deeper ditch. Peep for yourself after the jump:

Zeric Zeric Zeric! I want to route for you man because I GET IT  but your delivery in stating your points needs major work. Media training 101. Why throw BET under the bus saying the black dude they had you go on a date with on Model City was scripted as this was the time period where you were supposedly dating the Italian dude but then say that you were yourself on the show so people wouldn't call you out for not keeping it 100? Hypocrisy right? Right!

You also admitted to wanting the video of the original interview taken down yet you said you stand by your words and that it was because you put your man out there yet there was no mention of his name, just his nationality so his identity still remains under the radar. I am confused about your integrity man.

Personally Zeric you came off like just another conceited dude among the masses getting by on your looks. BET gave you a platform which means you are now known around the globe and people respect that you were an openly gay model getting work. If you are weak at articulating, sometimes its just best to say nothing and I feel like this was one of those times. I rock with what your brand represents but your character as in the tone it translates on camera? Not so much.

Being a public figure is an invitation to scrutiny which is why fame, even on a isolated level is a double edged sword.

 Its all love though. The beautiful ones always let you down.

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