Sunday, 19 February 2012

Watch - Online Auditions For DL Chronicles Season 2

The online auditions for the DL Chronicles season 2 are well underway. Does the calibre those auditionee's meet the bar that the 1st season and the prequel The Chadwick Journals set? Judge for yourself after the jump:

It looks like the panel have got their work cut out for them if these auditions are anything to go by. I mean the criminal misprounication of Champs Elysée ()and feng shui has me rolling. But jokes aside and being completely blunt, a lot of these videos need to come harder, because the DL Chronicles really raised the bar when it comes to an eye for skilled actors that could really dig deep and tell the story.

That being said, this is my favorite submission so far:

View the rest of the auditions here

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