Saturday, 3 March 2012

ADTV RAW - Episode 5 - Brian and Matthew Talk 'Fame'

The latest episode of ADTV RAW has hit the web. In it newcomer Brain Nieh and longtime personality Matthew Barrett discuss socialities, ambitions and fame. An interesting watch. Peep it after the jump:


  1. What are your thoughts on Brian? To me he seems a bit fame hungry. I thought he was talking just for talking's sake. The most important question for me was "What do you want to be known for?" Not "How bad do you want it?"

  2. You know what... based off of the video I respect Brian's drive and determination, but I'm not a fan of people whose every move appears calculated and contrived.

    In my experience the last thing people in power want someone trying to work brain because they have contacts that could better their predicament. I'm with Matthew on this one.

    John Amaechi's autobiography talks about knowing your soul in the dark; in other words who you are based on your character when you put all your achievements that most people hide behind in adult life. Its so important that there is someone real behind all of the ambition.

    If their soul doesn't take to your character, there is no way they are going to appreciate you going above and beyond to be around them in the hope that they will open doors for you.

    I say let your drive and hard work speak for itself and allow people to organically appreciate your worth... create your own doors!


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