Tuesday, 6 March 2012

BLUD Tech: Android A Readying Siri Rival?

Siri, the iPhone 4 assistant that has taken the world by storm in the last year, is soon to be facing stiff competition from camp android. More info after the jump:

Since late last year, Android began work on developing a Siri alternative codenamed Majel which is said to taking form in time for an October-December. Its current working title according to Tech Crunch is 'Assistant'.  Tech Crunch go on to say that Assistant is set to take voice assisted technology to the next level and is currently being development in three parts:

1) Get the world’s knowledge into a format a computer can understand.
2) Create a personalization layer — Experiments like Google +1 and Google+ are Google’s way of gathering data on precisely how people interact with content.
3) Build a mobile, voice-centered “Do engine” (‘Assistant’) that’s less about returning search results and more about accomplishing real-life goals.

I love gadgets and I can't wait to see how google continues to push the envelope. I'll just say it now. RIP Siri 2011-2012. Gone too soon!

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