Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My 2 Pence -Lowering Your Conservative

Discreet guys. Do you remember once upon a time you had a hyper-sensitive zero tolerance policy that you applied to online / chat line dating. The list included ending communication if:

  • His voice sounded too high (Probably overly feminine)
  • He's been to a gay club (Too out there and his face is known)
  • He'd been in a relationship (Too needy)
  • He didn't relate to being discreet (DL but female free)
  • His pictures / personality had a hint of something that kicked up an awkward feeling in your spirit (Ugly)
  • He was too eager (Been around)
  • He was too paranoid (Set up / anger management issues)

These days I find myself lowering my conservative because filtering out most of the above leaves you attracting the wild ones with issues baggage and in it for kicks and I just feel that to be built for that  it takes a lot out of you and I ain't about that life any more. I guess the more you experience in this life, the more you can use what you've actually been through instead of ruling someone out based on projected assumptions with no weight. Plus doing so does not take away from you being a man, more just calling time on the usual BS.

Fellas, I wonder what your conservative is like? Maybe you are a proud liberal. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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