Sunday, 1 April 2012

Touré Gets Piers Morgan Together On CNN

Trayvon Martin's murder is still weighing heavily on the minds of many around the World, eager to see justice be served. Piers Morgan, former editor of UK Tabloid The Mirror was given the opportunity to interview the murderer's brother on his CNN show. Viewers of the interview felt Piers' style was softer than his usual style of getting beneath the media trained surface of his guest and bring emotions to the fore. 

No-one moreso than pop culture personality Touré Neblett . Touré as a fellow journalist felt so strongly that he made his feelings known to Piers directly via twitter. Piers then  attempted to call Touré's bluff by extending an invite onto his show that same day. Piers' it seemed, underestimated Touré's skillset on him accepting the invitation and was left reeling after a series of articulate verbal assaults which make for great TV. See for yourself after the jump:

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