Monday, 2 April 2012

World Exclusive - 'The Skinny' Movie Review

Creator Patrik Ian Polk's new movie 'The Skinny' hit the London LGFF this weekend and BLUD! Blog were in the building at Sunday's afternoon showing alongside Patrik and lead actor Jussie Smollett. So how did the movie fare? Did it fall flat? Did it soar? Find out after the jump:

The Skiiny is a witty and impactful feature film about five former college educated school mates who reunite a year after graduating from Brown University ahead of New York pride with very different personalities; the med student monogamist, the industry guy, the starry eyed virgin, the witty but insecure straight taker and the shy femme ivy league politics major. Things start off cool for the friends, but when themes in the form of drink drugs, infatuation, infidelity and the trappings of promiscuity are thrown into the mix, its not just friendship at stake and the movie does a great job of translating this without being condescending or preachy, allowing the viewer to figure out their own messages to take away and also leaving the door open for some form of 'To be continued...'

The Skinny delivered on every level. The shoe string budget stretched for miles because the finish product is a polished piece. Excellent representation of black gay folk across the entire spectrum. Strong believable acting performances and authentic, organic chemistry from all of the leads. There was also strong character development particularly with rock of the group Magnus (Jussie Smollett). Unapologetically bold yet so much substance that be you discreet, out, or even straight, there is something for everyone. My only quibble is that some of the sex scenes were very 'in your face' in opposed to 'subtle' and 'implied' which is cool on DVD but may not be everyone's cup of tea in a movie theatre.

Surprise appearances in minor roles include ADTV RAW's Derrick Briggs and Dustin Ross (who gets props for acting the fu*k out of his role), adult entertainer Phat Daddy, B. Scott, and former Model City personality Zeric Armenteros. Darryl Stephens, Jennia Fredrique and Wilson Cruz also feature.

The best part of movie was that I came away feeling good about the gay element of the man that I am, especially given I am not easily moved. I saw myself in some of the storyline and felt connected to what I was watching; on a personal level. Simply put this is a must see cult classic by default, trust me.

Go to the theater hype free and with zero expectations because in the case of 'The Skinny', that's where the magic happens!

4.5 / 5 Stars


  1. I really loved Jussie Smollett ib the film. He delivered as all of the cast. I also loved Dustin Ross as Ryan.

  2. Nice review - it's amazing what they did with limited time and resources. The script could've used a bit more work, though!


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