Monday, 11 June 2012

LOL Of The Day - Big Brother Africa Smackdown

Today's LOL of the day day comes courtesy of Big Brother Africa and the slap that one of the female contestant's received after trying to hype up and disrespect an older male. He was made to leave the show shortly after. Peep the hilarity after the jump:

Do I condone men hitting women? No. But being from African heritage myself when it comes a women respecting a man's manhood in the way, especially in this case a man considered her elder, it is not a surprise to me nor probably to her that he reacted in the way that he did. Notice how he first tried to reason with her and how she continued to use profanity. Ultimately its a cultural thing. The humour in this when you think back to your youth / teens and relative unleashed a can of whoop ass on you, which if you are honest with yourself, was well deserved!

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