Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bad Bitch - Azealia Banks Brings Vogue Music To 2012

Those of you who are fans of pop culture know that since Azealia Banks' track 212 went viral, the Harlem native has won over fans in the fashion and music world the world over. Now signed to interscope records with a near deafening buzz in the industry, she dropped her mixtape Fantasea this week, which features a track called Fierce featuring Franklin Fuentes.

More on the track after the jump:

Now this 1st thing I thought when I heard this track is the cult classic movie 'Paris Is Burning'; an 80s docudrama about the ballroom scene -  an underground nyc based pageantry community where disowned gays and cross dressers hustling to survive could compete in categories for validation and ballroom celebrity. If you haven't seen it I would definately recommend it as it puts a lot of current 'mainstream gay culture' into context by giving a little history. Listen to the track below:

Someone obviously had the same feeling and took it to the next level with a remix visual featuring scenes from the movie.

The visual was bang on and should the song be serviced as a single could do in 2012 what vogue did for madonna with the right marketing push. Azealia Banks is slowly but surely becoming a global force to be reckoned with and this song will definately ensure that get the kids behind her campaign.

Download the Fantasea mixtape here.

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