Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Watch: ADTV Stories - Ashton Pina

ADTV newcomer Ashton Pina introduces himself to the masses via the ADTV stories series. Peep his sitdown and read my two pence after the jump:

Watching Ashton's story intially had me conflicted. The old school me was ready to write him off in the 1st 10 seconds because my snap judgement wasn't getting that 'alpha' feel off him. The logic of the new school me however refused to judge a book by its cover.

To my surprise his depth of character, grounded outlook on life, chilled out persona, ability to share personal experiences without being defined by them, ambition and drive really won me over. Really endearing dude. Good looking too. Needless to say that when he features in future ADTV episodes, I'll be watching.

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