Monday, 27 August 2012

Watch: Tha Life Atlanta - Pliot Episode

A year and some change has passed since the Tha Life: Atlanta extended trailer hit the web. Many questioned whether episodes would emerge given the silence that followed the trailer, possibly due to the negative response the trailer garnered. Well it seems the makers have done just that, releasing a pilot episode via youtube. Peep the episode after the jump:

I am going to keep it real. This show needs an complete overhaul if it hopes to be successful. The show at best in its present form is amateur and does a poor job of representing the successful men of 'alternative 'Atlanta. Whether the cast like it or not they are ambassadors to how black gay men are perceived and all I see is a lack of youth, and walking talking shallow stereotypes with no signs of character development or any qualities that the audience can relate to.

This show might as well be renamed to 'The Bad Gay's Club' pun intended. Still this is only the pilot so, let's hope that its creators re-write the many wrongs and present something of substance for the World to see.

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