Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The LA Complex: Kal's Story Episodes 10 & 11

The second season of Canadian TV serieThe LA Complex returned to North American screens recently.

So in episode 9, Kal tells Abby what he did to Tariq in the hopes she'll help him locate him in Canada. So what is her stance following the revelation? Click 'read more' to find out!


Episode 11


  1. i was very please with the meeting of kal and traig because nothing happen evn thought the hostal with traig sould have not been there time has past traig found some one as well as kal its time for them to friends and not lovers you cant change what happen i hope the writters keep in mind that lovers some time can be the best of friends [peanut]

  2. kal owe traig if they never work together a gain he should help traig live a better life than what he is doing find a way to give traig some money to help him on his feet i just want them to be friends and not lovers they can be close friends if something happen sex wise so be it


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