Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Movie Review: Blueprint

So I finally managed to get a hold of the Kirk-Shannon Butts indie movie Blueprint. The tale of two college students and their opposites attract. So how did the movie hold up? Find out after the jump:

This movie made me a fan of Damion Lee, who plays the character Nathan; a smooth talking Brooklyn college freshman. In pursuit of his classmate Keith, the pair intellectually spar in an NYC cafe before taking a trip upstate where things go awry for the pair. I loved the movie and how the unstated expression of attraction played out. I also loved the introverted ways of Keith juxtaposed with Nathan's talkative and larger than life one liners. Its amazing how there were no love making scenes and yet the suspense of the will they won't they will maintain your focus.


If you haven't already, find some time to go online and screen via http://tlavideo.com 


  1. It's a nice, understated lil film. It's not out on DVD yet though, is it...?

  2. It is. The filmmaker is selling it independently via his website. http://www.flickeria.com/ . Support his art and purchase a copy!

  3. Thanks for the support Blk_ldner. Love your blog. Keep up the work. Yes Blueprint is available on DVD at www.Flickeria.com and streaming at TLAGay.com. Kirk | DIR | Blueprint


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