Saturday, 12 January 2013

Watch: Short Movie - Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys is an interesting gay themed short by indie filmmaker Ntsako Mabasa. You might want to read the following sentence twice. The short centres on the story of a discreet bisexual ball player on the verge of making NBA draft pick aside from one problem. The problem is that the dude he has been kicking it with is a pregnant hermaphodite (Human born with both a male and female reproductive system) and he is the father! Watch the movie after the jump:

Although I wish the youtube upload was in HD, not for nothing but I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was good and the characters believable. I particularly liked how the short climaxed on the dinner table and how organic the ignorance vs progressive reactions from family members played out.

Here's hoping that the film gets turned into a full length movie because the short succeeded at humanizing a storyline that potentially had backlash and disaster for being too far fetched written all over it.

What did you think of the movie? Comment below.

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