Monday, 10 June 2013

Shock: 'My Teenage Wedding' Couple Become Bareback Porn Features

Remember TreDarrius and David Anderson; the two 19 year old boys living in Memphis who decided to get married and took part in a Canadian documentary exploring their journey leading up to their union? Well it seems that the couple have decided to jump in front of cameras of a different kind; gay themed porn. More on this after the jump:

TreDarrius has become porn actor 'Lamar Love' and David has become porn actor 'Meko Millz'. The worst part of it all is that all 9 of their porn flicks allegedly feature raw sex acts with each other and/or 3rd parties. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disgusted by it all. 

It's funny how all it takes is one scandal to wipe out the respect you had for two people who seemingly went against the grain for a union they believed in despite the lack of family support.

How can a union be respected when you taint and pimp it for commercial gain by taking the easy route from unemployment for the whole world to see? Lord knows what their family thinks of each of them now. Here's hoping that the two of them have a long term plan because it doesn't take a genius to see things going very wrong very quickly.



  1. Hello UK, btw enjoy & follow the blog. As a porn blogger, I know for a fact the both Tre and David (the married couple) were doing porn before they were married. They began working for FlavaWorks which has several site of adult entertainment, one of which is RawRods that is fully barebacking raw sex. Many barebacking sites require testing prior to the video shoot and you are informed of the status of all involved in that scene. So, the trust and decisions made by them while they were dating was mutual and surely agreed upon. Yes they are young, but very bright beyond their age. I do not condone or recommend unprotective sex. These two young men did not go into porn blindly. They have the support of their families and friends and their union has florish more each year.

  2. They went into the adult industry before they married and no longer work in the industry. This entire post is wrong

    1. Exactly!!!! They should sue this blogger!!


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