Sunday, 4 August 2013

@DiscreetCity Replaced By @CypherAvenue

Friends to the site over at Discreet City have decided to pull the plug on their operation after nearly two years delivering thought provoking content and raising the bar. So what's next for the founding duo? Find out after the jump:

Discreet City has become Cypher Avenue, an online space where Atlanta based founders Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy continue to share their musings and encourage polarised debate on gay themed current affairs and on their interests in general from a guy's guy perspective. The name change was in response to critics who felt Discreet City as a brand felt non inclusive to those who didn't meet the criteria of what it is to be masculine.

The site builds on Discreet City's success of an actively vocal readership with features built in to allow visitors to interact as a community by registering a profile. The site also features archives from Discreet City including an interview I feature in about living the alternative life in London. Kudos to the guys for a smooth transition. Visit Cypher Avenue here.

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