Thursday, 29 August 2013

DR Inferno Attendees Burnt By Last Minute Cancellation

Hundreds of Circuit Party goers have been left stranded as the team behind annual event Inferno DR (4 day all inclusive resort weekend in Dominican Republic with gay themed nightlife and events) sent cancellations to patrons the day the Labor Day Weekend Event was due to begin. More on this after the jump:

The Inferno DR brand and the reputation of promoter Will Williams is currently in tatters as hundreds of patrons learned that their pre-paid vacations had been mis-managed and that advertised event has been cancelled. People who had pre-booked accommodation via the promoter's website and have already landed on the Island are being told by the hotel that no money has been received and to stay, they will simply need to stump up the cash and pay a second time.  The following message has been doing the rounds:

The handling of the event founded by Will Williams has been slammed by attendees currently at a standoff with the Melia Hotel and those who are in the process of making alternate arrangements.

One patron expressed the following via the event's facebook page:

 "This is pure bull sh*t. The hotel, Melia, is saying that Inferno hasn't paid anything to the hotel... for any one and that the event was canceled several months ago for non payment. They are asking us to pay, if we want to stay. Lots of people showed up yesterday and at least 20 today, with the same problem. This is not a good look and I pray that it is not what it seems. Someone needs to contact Will Williams and Worldwide Travel. *Do not come to the Dominican unless you can afford to pay the hotel directly... #pissed"

Here's hoping that the situation is resolved swiftly. What are your thoughts on the way that the event has been handled? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. I feel for those who paid. Things like this set black owned businesses back because this rotten apple of a situation makes it hard for others in the same field. I hope it works out yall!


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