Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Watch: Hot 97 Veteran Mr Cee Resigns After Video Soliciting Sex Acts Surfaces

Today was Hot 97 DJ Mr Cee's last day at work after over 20 years of service at the radio station. This comes after a video where he is heard soliciting sex from a YouTube personality he picked up off the streets of NYC which was secretly recorded.

Watch the secret recording, Mr Cee's resignation and read my two pence after the jump:

The Secret Recording

The resignation

I want to feel sorry for Mr Cee. The worst thing for someone to have to deal with is having their story on the street when mentally its a topic that an individual has not prepared for discussion especially making a living in a behind closed doors zero tolerance for any form of alternative lifestyle industry. But in the same token he has to man up and accept you can't be a public figure with zero integrity and repeatedly play Russian Roulette with your livelihood by messing with people selling sex even after being arrested on multiple occasions.

Rewind back to May when he was the subject of an radio interview by his Hot97 co-workers:

When you lie to your inner circle there is simply no coming back from it. When you repeatedly lie to the public and get caught in that lie all credibility is lost. The brand he spent over two decades building, has become overshadowed by an issue that had he been transparent about from the jump, wouldn't have been one.

Had he simply said he lives an alternative lifestyle behind closed doors that he doesn't want to go into depth with discussing because he didn't want to distract the focus from his craft, people would have respected that and the circus around him would have died down.

A statement like that would have satisfied the curiosity yet still allowed his private life to remain just that. A situation like this is enough to drive someone to the edge of their sanity so here's hoping he has the support system he needs at this time.

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