Sunday, 27 October 2013

Watch: Qaadir Talks Planting Seeds

YouTuber Qaadir Howard talks planting seeds and refining your thinking to achieve your goals. Peep the video after the jump:

Watch: Season 1 of DL Chronciles

DL Chronicles, the cult classic 4 part series which contextualises the inner struggles of men conflicted by their attraction to other men has been made available online by the show's creators. Want to relive one of the best shows to come out in recent years? Watch each episode after the jump:

Inspiring Watch: Lewis & Billy Discuss Their 46 Year Relationship

Ever wondered what a black gay relationship 46 years strong looks like? Queue the New York Times recent profile on Lewis Duckett and Dr. Billy Jones, a couple who recently had a commitment ceremony to formalise their 46 year relationship. Hear from how their relationship stood the test of time after the jump:

Watch: Black Gay Men Discuss Their Dads on Huff Post Live

When black gay men identify with the label same gender loving, people tend to make the assumption that the father son relationship or lack there of, is the root cause of their lifestyle choice. As part of the spotlight The Huffington Post is shining on a documentary that explores this theme entitled "Dear Dad", host Ahmed Shihab Eldin chairs an online hangout with the documentary director Chase Simmons and several gay men. Watch the discussion after the jump:

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Controversial: DJ Baker Interviews Metrell Hurst

Friend to the site DJ Baker had a phoner interview with former ADTV personailty @M3tr3ll Hurst for his radio show Da Doo Dirty and in true shock jock style left no stone unturned. He was quizzed about his alleged HIV positive ex boyfriend, his status, being raped by his dad and their current relationship and whether ADTV founder Derrick Briggs operated a 'casting couch' of sorts involving ADTV personalities past and present and a whole lot more!

The interview after the jump:

Watch: Documentary Flag Wars

What happens when a low income African American neighbourhood in Ohio is in the midst of a LGBT gentrification? The documentary Flag Wars is born, a film exploring the socio-political issues of those affected which makes for an insightful watch. Peep the documentary in full after the jump:

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Watch: Final Freefall Episodes 9 & 10

It's officially a wrap on season 1 of Freefall after the team successfully raised over $10,000 from fans to fund a second season. So how does Cam's kidnap pan out? Are Nico and Ray done? Peep episodes 9 and 10 after the jump:

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Watch: Short Film - Door Number One

Door Number One is a quirky spin cycle dating short starring Cort King. Peep the movie after the jump:

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Man of The Week - Wesley Adams

The title of man of the week goes to aspiring actor and model Wesley Adams. More pics after the jump:

Watch: Black Homo Edition Of 'What Would You Do'

ABC show 'What Would You Do?' is a fly on the wall show which uses actors to reconstruct taboo subjects in front of unassuming members of the public and documents their reaction. On a recent edition of the show, the subject actors are re-enacting, is a young urban teen confiding in unsupportive people close to him that he is gay. How do members of the unsuspecting public react to this? Find out after the jump:

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