Thursday, 30 January 2014

My 2 Pence: Growth Is...

2013 was a year of self-reflection for me. In that time I came up with some ideals that indicate growth. Peep my musings after the jump:

  • Having the self-confidence to not be a slave to the opinions of other people and avoiding getting caught up in the back and forth of having to justify your lifestyle actions to people that don't matter.
  • Accepting the fact that you are attracted to guys without a burden of self-hate and depression
  • Being able to communicate with confidence, the good the bad and the ugly
  • Knowing how to navigate the dating pool so you avoid the dark side of being an optional release to someone and instead become a sought after priority.
  • The ability to spot red flags in a situation and having the strength to draw the line and close the chapter.
  • Understanding how you want to be loved and how a relationship can add value to a very independent life and doesn't take away from one.
  • The emergence of quality literature and film that shine an innovative and overlooked light on alternative lifestyles.

  • Not dimming your intelligence by dumbing down to make other feel content with their shortcomings

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