Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My 2 Pence: Five Things You Need To Do To Find Someone Worth Building With

I'm currently spoken for and I was thinking about the 5 things that were key for me from the day me and mine started talking to the day we decided to focus on him and I as an us. So what were my key points? Find out after the jump:

1. Know the qualities / personality traits in a partner that speak to your soul and when dating these traits should feature in your boy's character consistently without even having to mention before making the situation more than what it is at that point.

2. Know what you bring to the table and be mindful of opportunists hiding behind good looks. The last thing you want to be is dependent on a high flying partner whilst you are stuck in a rut or have some good looking houseboy depending on you to fund his lifestyle. Love doesn't pay the bills! Aim for equally yoked.

3. Have the emotional maturity to communicate and not throw in the towel after the honeymoon period is over or after a disagreement. There is something to be said about working through issues within a situation you wholeheartedly believe in.

4. Not jump head first into labelling a situation a relationship without a fun getting to know each other period. Don't set yourself up for nasty surprises about the guy you never really took to time to get to know because you weren't sprung on the chemistry out of the gate.

5. Assess  whether the guy that you are getting to know is on the same page in terms of wanting to date exclusively and wanting to build. If he wants to keep it light and be entertaining others between your dates and you are not cool with that, call time on him and continue the search. If you know your worth, what you want is waiting for the opportunity to connect with you.


  1. Love these. Stealing!

  2. Dear black londoner why no more escapades? The stories cut off in 2011.


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