Friday, 23 January 2015

In Retrospect...

What's good world. Haven't updated in a minute and the post on relationships late last year helps to a degree put things into perspective.

My relationship with my soulmate ended and I was broken. It was like withdrawing from hard drugs. Sleepness nights, learning how to function again without your right hand man to bounce off of, the physical heartache and depression of learning how to go to bed alone. Beating myself up for letting my guard all the way down. You name it, I went through it.

I questioned myself, I questioned how I played my position  and how I really went hard to ensure that everything I did was to add value and build.

Long story short dude fell out of love with me and was entertaining old situations and attempting to set up knew ones whilst we were still together. What are you saying to yourself if you are constantly trying to rationalise and make good, an adult's selfish ways?

I stayed and fought for us twice but I came to the conclusion that if the logic of a situation doesn't make sense walk away. Especially get to a point where you are in a relationship on your own.  I loved and lost and in the end had to let it burn.

Ultimately in life you can walk one of two roads, the road of self-sacrifice where you put the needs of others above your own, or self-fulfilment where you live out your dreams.

It took a while but I chose me.

The Cast Of Cucumber and Banana Cover Attitude

The cast of Russell T Davies' unfiltered gay drama Cucumber cover the February issue of Attitude magazine. More on this after the jump

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