Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My 2 Pence: The Way Jussie Handled His Sexuality On Ellen

So yesterday a video hit the net of Empire breakout star Jussie Smollett addressing his sexuality in an interview with talkshow host Ellen Degeneres. The clip and my two pence after the jump:

So my thoughts. Kudos for Jussie for taking a Frank Ocean style approach to his sexuality. As people of colour, our relationships and love lives are generally kept sacred and carry more meaning when the intimate details are kept between and yours and under the radar. His approach also challenges the notion of your sexuality defining who you are labelled as in opposed to your talents speaking for themselves.

Just enough to end the speculation and yet still able to keep his private life private. Good job Jussie.


  1. I saw him live at the Q&A for The Skinny at the London Gay Film Fest a few years back. He seems like a sweet guy. Can't wait for Empire to come to the UK!

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