Saturday, 26 December 2015

Watch: Extreme UK - Gay and Under Attack

BBC actor, presenter and DJ Reggie Yates kicked off the second series of 'Extreme' documentaries by attempting to shine a light on being gay and a minority in the UK. Peep the documentary and my two pence after the jump:

I can't help but feel short changed by the documentary. The points raised in the barber shop were the documentary at its strongest, but think the whole spectrum of the black gay experience never got any love. Where were the examples of committed relationships? Where were the contributions of those into no strings attached links and their reasoning as to why? And when did being pre-op transsexual get grouped into the same category as being attracted to the same sex? Kudos for Reggie's foray into the subject, but personally it barely scratches the surface of what could have been very informative TV.

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