Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Success Years

What up #TeamBlud. I've been gone for a minute but I've been getting my priorities in order. 

Own crib, saavy investments, getting my corporate career moving. Spending more time with my family and feeling the love. Dating people who are about their hustle with heart, taking escapades to the next level, and leaving red flag waste men in the past. 

I've also made real inroads with dope people in this life internationally who I consider my connects and take trips where I get to see the world and experience dope hospitality.

I say that to say, have a vision for how you want you life to be on your terms. Stop explaining your life to people and live it. Also don't get in your own way or compromise your vision for people who haven't earned the right for their opinion to matter or who are not where you want to be.

Simply put, life is good.


  1. Good for you BLUD you have a good plan and mindset. I can't stand my corporate job.......

  2. How did you build the international links to travel? I have much to learn.


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