Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Watch: Taylor Bennett Visits The Breakfast Club

Chance the Rapper's younger sibling Taylor Bennett made waves last year when he claimed his bisexuality publicly. He recently stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk music and share his perspective on the LGBT experience. Watch the interview by clicking 'read more' below:


  1. He claims bisexual identity, I resent bisexuals especially when it seems like internalised homophobia. Why tell people you bi when you have a kid and can choose to date women...

  2. I'm going to challenge your point and say that bisexuals do exist. A lot of bisexuals are guilted into claiming gay because the perception is that if a woman were to know about their fluidity that she would not be down however most progressive females are cool with it if you are open and honest and that you give them the option to choose. Sexuality is a spectrum and people should claim whatever lane they choose imo.


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