Sunday, 9 August 2020

My 2 Pence: Dating Part 1 - Mindset

Picture the scene. You've just gone three months of celibacy to clear your head and you are ready to begin dating again. What do you want?

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If someone is trying to rush you into linking them and that is not what you are on, take back the control and decline. If you are looking for a Mr right now rather than Mr Relationship that is cool too, but just make sure you are calling the shots and not at the beck and call of someone who doesn't rate you. Be clear on what it is so you both know where you stand. It's muddy waters in this app generation so whatever you do, be safe not sorry.

If someone is branding themselves as relationship oriented but their actions don't match their words, take it as a red flag and let him go. There is no need committing to someone where the actions don't match his words. Self-love and what will enhance that is way more important that an unhappy one which looks picture perfect from the outside in. You also have to ask yourself what do you bring to the table in a relationship? What makes you a great partner? Sustainability, consistency, the willingness to work through differences and tough times in a healthy way is key, but also having your personal finances and life together. 

You need to be an asset on your own and find someone equally yoked or aspirational where you can learn from each other. 

Take your time and date often. Rate yourself and the law of attraction won't let you down.

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